hey all, I've been perusing the site for the last 2 weeks then find out when I sign up that I'm locked to the newbie area for 3 days, oh well no grudges there :P

Not to sure if its in the right thread but I spose it will get moved to the ring one if not and this may sound like a bit of a nubular question and I hope this doesn't end up in the idiots corner how ever here goes...

I downloaded Backtrack 3 Beta about 2 weeks ago and have been working with it well into the night every night. I am semi familiar with a Linux setup although I know each one is different. I've worked with red hat, mandrake and knoppix.

o.k. onto my problem, I have a new laptop with a wireless card (the famous Atheros AR5007EG). its a 2.0 Intel Centrino Dual core 2G ram.. yer its pretty hax for a laptop.

I must be missing something or doing one little thing wrong however I cant seem to get the packet injector to work with madwifi or a (aircrack or aireplay). I can get it to see the networks and what not.

I've been researching well into the night each night and I feel I am just missing something thats right in front of me. if anyone has a guide or knows of a guide to get this card working with backtrack (and all the other software) it would be much appreciated, I don't mind reading lots as I already have and I'm sure a few more pages will not hurt.

also connecting to a network to get onto the internet I am having slight trouble with as well, I am running a WPA-TKIP wireless network here at home and unsure on how to connect to that along with the files off a windows computer.

time is not an issue either as its been 2 weeks and still haven't sorted this sucker out and I am going away till Monday (from Friday the 2nd) just a little point in the right direction with a little head start would be nice.

all in all the Backtrack 3 is one of the best live OS I've used in a long time if ever.

thanks in advance for the help and also for a gnarly forum.

EDIT: i feel like such a noob, after posting this topic i discovered how to get online with backtrack via wireles. so now the only thing that i am requiring help is for gettin the packet inject drivers to work with my AR5007eg.

also kismet closes after selecting which card i want to use and i cant see what i need is goin wrong with it.