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Thread: windows vista error

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    Cool windows vista error

    hyas, i use an acer aspire 5720z, and a wifi adapter DWL g-122

    both network adapters work in BT3 live .

    now returning to the error.

    i tryed to install the bt3 in the harddrive were the windows is instaled, i cheked the files are there, but when i start the computer, i press f8 to show os boot screen, but it dont apear any other os besides Vista.
    btw i use vmware workstation inside vista for testing, but i cant seem to install the files to the hard drive of the vistual machine aswell.

    but the help i wanted was realy about the real install in my hard drive so i can just choose to boot the os i want.

    3. btw nice work ppl, loads of tool.
    i have been working on a way to show to my boss that his wireless network are too open for him to link the server to it. He only uses like WEP, nothing more, and with all the trafic in there is quite easy for anyone to hack in to it.
    with BT i showed him that he was going to do a major error by linking the company server to the wireless network. there are too mutch computers, so mac filtering woud be almost impossible, and the network now uses 2 routers.
    i took like 2 hours to hack them both and if i was another one i coud like printed 04934340495 pages, because all the printers are conected to it.
    And thanks to u guys i now have a promotion for tecnical staff
    huggs to all, and keep up the good work.

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    Sounds like you forgot to install a boot loader. F8 thats a Windows thing right? Backtrack or Slackware basically still uses LILO, which will probably be easiest for you. However I use grub so I can't really explain that to you. But you know there is a really good tutorial for everything your trying to do on the main BT Wiki page.

    One thing that is worth mentioning is make sure your /boot partition is intact and correct or you will be spending hours trying to figure out what you did wrong. I can't promise you it isn't but I had some problems with the BT installer and decided to do it the Linux hand.

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    Have you ever heard of no client wep cracking ?
    Long story short, the attack isn't dependent on how much traffic the other users are creating. You generate your own traffic by injecting. You don't have to wait 2 hours, more about 10 minutes. And you should also look into a nice little tool called macchanger. What I'm saying is mac filtering is close to no help.
    WPA is the way to go, together with a long as possible password. Here is a great WPA password generator
    Oh and congratulations with the promotion
    - Poul Wittig

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    Wink :d

    yeah ofc , but i tried injecion but the router just didnt give any replys,
    2 both routers are now in WPA
    but even so, i´m starting to colect some mac adresses so i can restrict who can conect to the networks.

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