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Thread: Ettercap not working on wireless clients

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    Default Ettercap not working on wireless clients

    Hi All,

    I hope I am posting this in the correct place. I am having a problem with ettercap on a medium-large network with both BT2 and BT3B.

    I am running an arp poison mitm attack from a wired (ethernet) client. I can capture data from clients which are connected through ethernet however not clients connected over WLAN. I can ping the wireless clients and so I do not understand why I cannot poison their arp tables. Would anyone kindly explain please?

    Many Thanks, in advance

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    I think you have to be on the same subnet of the computers you are attacking. If the wireless is on a different subnet, which it usually is, then it won't work.

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    yea if the network is divided into any other sections you'll need to poison each one...what i'd guess

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    correct you cant span across subnets or whatever other device is in the way blocking you. go on the wireless to brodcast the arp

    HOWEVER it sounds like your running ettercap in a production network!??!!?!!! that likely isnt your own or you have permission on

    I will be the first to say your crazy and you should do this in a LAB not a company that makes money so when you crash out the ARP tables on a bunch of old switches then the company is dead till people that can clean it up for you clear the cache

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