Hi everyone out there, I am new to linux (obviously) and am bumping into some problems. After figureing out the main functions of the console etc (mo2lzm etc) I added some modules such as ophcrack... Now I am trying to ad a program for which there is no lzm or mo available (airfart, funny name ay?), I found the utility src2pkg which turnes a source code into an tgz which I can convert to lzm (using tgz2lzm).

However when I use src2pkg at some point I get an error which is according to the program probaply due to the fact t some libraries (?!) are not in place... Being the n00by that I am I have no idea what libraries do, I found a list of libraries (ftp:// ftp.slax.org but have no idea what to do or to add...

Is there anyone out there hat can help me on this?

Btw, I use BT3 usb version