I managed to get everything working with the 1525 with just the out of the box hardware. You will not at this time however be able to use the Dell wireless 1395 for packet injection, at least as far as I can tell. I still have not figured out how to get it into monitor mode, however, you can use it to connect to any wireless conection.

I will not explain step by step how I got everything working because the searching and searching was a great way for me to learn. I will briefly explain what I did so maybe the experts might know what this linux amature is talking about.

I needed to use ndiswrapper to get both lan and wlan to work. Start googling. I also needed to "blacklist" current wlan drivers.

My set up was done with a tripple boot, Vista, Ubuntu, "Real" Bt3 install.

I also got it working with a usb stick live install w/ a changes partition. (don't use a 2 gig stick for bt3 plus changes, one Fasttrack update fills the thing up.)

Hope this helps some people.


I have been having driver issues, most likely because of my screwing around. Anyway the way I beat this was just changed it to a live install with a seperate "changes" partition on my hdd. Now if i screw up, I just erase the changes.

Just in case any one else has this same laptop, the network drivers I installed with Ndiswrapper, that worked, stayed working on restarts. It was after I did some updating and other screwing around that they bungled up.

Mod's, please move this thread if you feel it does not apply to working hardware. It works, but it is pretty Micky Mouse'd.