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Thread: Installing usb version of Backtrack 3 on HD?

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    Default Installing usb version of Backtrack 3 on HD?

    I searched for this, forgive me if I missed something.

    I prefer to install backtrack on my HD, and I have a FAT32 partition all laid out for it, ready to be formatted to ext3. My question is this: I have plenty of room for the added features in the bigger backtrack 3 version, how does one go about installing this on their HD? I normally make bootable cds and install from there, but the 900 something mb is too large. Perhaps a bootable DVD? If so, how do I go from the RAR file to a bootable DVD?


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    There's an included script to create an iso from the BT3b rar version.

    It's covered here in the forums already, so I won't elaborate

    (I think Xploitz did a tut on it, iirc?)

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    Im running BT3 from USB drive. I'd like to install it to my hard drive as well. I've seen the video to dual boot and read the info on dual booting BT3 and XP, but not as much for Vista. I've seen tripple booting w/ Vista, Ubuntu, and BT3, but I'd like to go w/ just Vista and BT3. If I happen to find info on it, I'll post it.

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