I'm using BT3 HD install as my sole OS these days...it does everything you need and more. Now that I got compiz running, the look and feel is great and far surpasses any MS OS I have used.

*HP DV6000 with NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400
*HD install from modified USB (nvidia module added before install)

I'm totally new to this but I got it working great now (I'm hoping this helps someone else, but it's for future reference as well! ...here's what I did:

*Download the USB version of BT3 from the WIKI, first .torrent link on home page;
*Boot off the CD first (or other Linux install), then run ./bootinst.sh from within BOOT folder on stick (instructions are in the download); this makes the stick bootable;
*reboot, from USB stick.

*Download the NVIDIA.lzm from the WIKI, move it into the "optional" folder on the USB stick, under BT3 folder;
*Create a NVIDIA module (full instructions on the WIKI under How-To):
bt ~ # cd /tmp
bt tmp # mkdir MODULE
bt tmp # mkdir -p MODULE/usr/bin
bt tmp # cp myscript.sh MODULE/usr/bin/
bt tmp # dir2lzm MODULE/ nvidia.lzm
*Edit your syslinux.cfg file ON THE USB DRIVE, in the NVIDIA section; make it look like this:
*reboot the system; before typing "startx", type "xconf", then "startx"; upon reboot you should have 8 desktops now, and you will see the huge NVIDIA splash!

*There won't be any window decoration...type in the 2 commands found on the WIKI under compiz...they work! Be sure to right-click the Compiz Fusion Icon in the tray and select "Emerald" as your Window Decorator or you won't have any buttons on your windows!

This is how I did it, I hope I can help another newbie who is having problems because once you get the full version of BT3 installed, you don't really need another OS. It looks and performs GREAT IMO!

Follow the EZConnect to WPA2 tutorial on these forums and you are set!!!

If anyone needs help please ask...I'll do what I can. To the pros here, if I left anything out/posted errors, please let me know.