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Thread: BT3 hangs at boot

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    Default BT3 hangs at boot

    Hi all,

    sorry but the BT3 won't start correctly on a FSC Amilo PA1510
    It boots till this point:

    insterting all modules and creating live filsystem
    -> /base/bin.lzm
    Now it hangs

    CD and USB, it'a all the same.
    I've checked the md5sum, it's all correctly.

    Any ideas ?

    I've tyried boot-option like noapic and/or noacpi,
    or text-mode boot, it's all the same problem.

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    wait 5 minutes... mine did the same but it does start... give it 5 or 10.. install to HDD and goes fine

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    Sorry to bump this thread but I have the same laptop and I want to install BT3 on it so I was just wondering if anyone else has had a problem installing BT3 on the PA1510.


    PS: My Live CD of BT2 Final boots fine on it but one day the password stopped working.

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