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Thread: Orinoco Gold Card

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianTopper View Post
    Here are some Orinoco drivers from an overseas educational site.Seem like they also have the old Orinoco card manager files too.


    Hope these help
    Normally I'd be a little wary of firmware updates without checkin out model numbers and such, but since the card currently only supports WEP encryption I don't really care.

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    Does it boot when the card is not in?
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    bkbomber: That card is equipped with Hermes I chipset, meaning that a simple lspci would not yield results as it only works in B mode.

    I have updated wiki entries and you should have a look at Enterasys entry for a whole bunch of information related to Hermes I card.

    I do also have that card and I have collected a fair few files for it however I am unable to test them mainly because hardly anyone wants to lend me their windows laptop with pcmcia slot and that I just don't want to dualboot windows xp with linux on my laptop.

    I have recently got in touch with some other person who owns a similar card but exact chipset. Now its up to mainly him to test it out and see what is the best combination.

    btw, it shouldn't conflict with atheros chipset.

    BrianTopper: That link no longer works.

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