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Thread: BackTrack 4 live-DVD MacBookPro4,1

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    Default BackTrack 4 live-DVD MacBookPro4,1

    I have a MacBookPro4,1 and I just burn a Live DVD w/ BT4.
    I booted off of that DVD but now that I'm inside of BT4, when I do ifconfig I don't see anything else other then lo interface, which is not very helpful

    can someone point me into right direction?

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    Default Re: BackTrack 4 live-DVD MacBookPro4,1

    Have you read the networking HowTo by pureh@te and attempted to configure your network as per its guidance?
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    Default Re: BackTrack 4 live-DVD MacBookPro4,1

    Support for our Macs isn't very good at all in linux period. You may not be seeing any of your networking either because it's not supported, or you didn't configure your networking.

    Run an lspci and/or lsusb, and check to see if your hardware is supported via ggl searches.
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