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Thread: Cant get backtrack display

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    Default Cant get backtrack display

    Hi all,
    This is my first post to this forum so kindly bear with me.
    ok let me be honest i am a complete newbie to backtrack.
    i have used ubuntu for about 2-3 months and i know a few basics of
    linux but still any replies considering me as a complete newbie would be appreciated.

    OK so i found out that in order to learn and perform pen testing backtrack is the best linux.So i went ahead and downloaded the usb version of backtrack 3.My system config are:
    ACER ASPIRE ONE (it doesnt have a CD ROM)
    1 gb ram
    160 gb hard disk
    intel 945 chipset
    Windows XP SP3

    Now as i am a newbie to linux so i cannot afford to loose the data
    by trying to install backtrack 3 on my HDD and do a dual boot.
    so i installed backtrack 3 on a 4 gb usb pen drive.installation on a HDD is not an option.i made the pendrive bootable by copying boot & bt3 folder onto the pendrive and then running the .bat my pen drive is bootable.
    when i restart my system and select the usb as the startup device i am presented with the menu for the backtrack 3.
    ************************************************** ******************
    Now here is where the problem starts
    when i select any option from the first four ie
    i get an error that says
    "You have passed an undefined number"
    "Press return to see list of available modes or Space to continue"
    now if i press continue then everything starts to load "i dont know what"but at the end i am presented with the screen to login
    i login with root/toor
    then i run xconf & startx
    then i get an error that says
    unable to allocate momory .is your vedio memory set too low?
    error in inet something like that
    now i checked my bios memory its set to 8 mb and i cannot change it as it is not highlighted.i aso talked to the acer tech support & they said
    that there is no way that we can change that.
    So i went away and did another thing
    i started my comp again & this time instead of pressing continue i presed gave me 6 by one i tried all of them.none worked.they all gave me the same result as pressing continue did.
    now i again rebooted my system & after pressing return i type scan
    now for a change it gave me 8 options.i tried all of them but again i land up on same error.
    ************************************************** *************
    now the good thin was when i booted into VESE KDE mode
    ok it gave me the same error but when i press continue i am on the backtrack desktop.voila
    now another problem my touchpad is not working so i used a usb mouse and its working fine
    now my resolution are set to 800*600.i cant change it to 1024*600 which im using on windows and im comfortable in working in it.
    ************************************************** ******************
    Q1:why am i getting that error and how to resolve it permanently so that whenever i boot from the pendrive im straight on my desktop

    Q2:do i need to update the driver from the VESE KDE mode.if yes how to do it?

    Q3:what exactly is this VESE KDE it kind of safe mode?

    q4:Where can i find drivers for acer aspire one because i know once i get this issue resolved i'll have to update the drivers because the backtrack dont support lot of hardware.
    ************************************************** ******************
    well i'm sorry for the long post but i've been trying for 3 days searching the net but didnt find anything relevant and helpful.
    plz help me out and any answers in details would be appreciated.

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    I'm having the same problem as you. I think we're gonna have to snag the driver from XP and make it into a module.

    I did come across such a program in SLAX. I'll post my findings and research here.

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