Hello everyone,
i am very familiar with windows world and pc building. But recently i have been wanting to learn new things like linux, wifi security and so on. BackTrack was recommended to me by a fellow student. I am total newb to all this so please correct me if im wrong. And after some research it seems to be best tool to use for learning wifi-security. I have a IBM lenove T60 notebook and Linksys Wrtgs54 router. I have been searching around the net to find more information and i found that you need a wifi card to start. so my first question would be can i use the wifi card built into the notebook? or if i cant can you guys suggest some cards that would be easy to use in terms of compatibility and and ease of use. Please give me as much info as you can on if i should get pcmca or usb car. Please tell me the whole product name and or product code when giving suggestion. My budget is 50$ to 100$, i do not want to spend more than i have to but if there is a specific benefit to getting something more expensive please give explanations. I looked at "500mW Alfa USB Wireless-G Adapter w/ 8 dBi ANTENNA kit" on ebay which is currently on sale for 60 bucks. Please tell if if this is good and if not explain why it is not good. I do not want to buy something and realize later that it is not compatible or not "fully" compatible. Please help thank you.