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Thread: Asus One and Back|Track

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    Default Asus One and Back|Track

    I am looking to by a netbook so that I can use Back|Track 4. Will BT4 work well on an Asus Netbook?


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    Default Re: Asus One and Back|Track

    Did you have a particular model in mind? Your best bet is to pick a model of laptop and then Google it to find out how well its supported in Linux. In particular, check what type of wireless card, sound card and video card it has and check for information about how well that particular hardware is supported in Linux. Look for BackTrack specific stuff as well, but general Linux compatibility information will usually do in a pinch to determine whether your chosen model will be workable
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    Default Re: Asus One and Back|Track

    In addition to what lupin said, I refer you to this thread for some further infos.

    I'm running BT4 final on my EEE900 (700MHz proc, 1GB RAM, built-in Atheros AR242x [injection supported]) flawlessly.
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    Yeah, l installed it ok on an "ASUS Eee PC 901 - Atom 1.6 GHz - 8.9 " - 1 GB Ram - 16 GB HDD".

    Although l think it has trouble recognising 'ath0' . Sees it as wlan0 l think.

    Sorry in my last post l said backtrack 4 [pwnsauce] sees my ath0 chipset as wlan0. l might have been wrong.
    According to this wlano is the interface for ath0 .So mucho apologies lol

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    Default Re: Asus One and Back|Track

    It should be noted that bt4 also works well on the Acer Aspire One ZG5 model with ab 8gb usb stick. I would assume almost any netbook will work to some degree, but certain features may not work out of the box, due to driver issues. Notable in this regard are the SD cards, some network devices such as onboard wifi, and bluetooth. Also some cameras may not work until you settle driver issues. These issues vary from one device/model to another. I always try out the cd/dvd version first, then decide what my install media will be based on the performance of that, so your mileage may vary here.

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