Hi there,

I have trawled quite a few fora to find a solution for my problem, but have not yet found anything that helps.

I'm fairly new to linuxm, besides having worked a bit with Ubuntu, so the finer details of a linux installation is not my strongest side.

I have a setup that looks like this:

sda1 = Dell utility.

sda2 = windows xp.

sda3 = linux swap.

sda4 = (this is where i installed bt).

I installed from the live cd and used "real" install, with the option of using lilo mbr.

What i boot my pc, I get the lilo asking me which os to use (only bt shows, but thats not the issue right now).

When i select backtrack, it starts to work, then stops with a message about:

kernel panic.

My lilo.conf looks like this:

boot = /dev/sda
timeout = 60
#vga = 769, 771/773/792
vga = 769
image = /boot/vmlinuz
root = /dev/sda4
label = backtrack

#xp partition
other = /dev/sda2
label = windows
table = /dev/sda

Hope someone can help