This place is awesome, you can sign up as a provider or a buyer. It works like workorders in mmo's. Someone needs a pc repair guy, makes a workorder, it gets routed to people who signed up as providers and onforce gets 10%. It basically eliminates the corporate middle man and instead of paying geek squad $200 to diagnose and fix your pc you can pay a freelance tech $100 and he still makes more than geek squad would pay him.

I just did a workorder on friday for a bank merger conversion and all I had to do was take out the old computers and put the new pre imaged machines in their place. I got paid $35 an hour and worked for 11 hours and 45 min, so Im getting $360 for 11 hours worth of work....And they bought me Pappa Johns pizza and had a tropicana O.J. machine! Also you get free Dell certs for being an onforce partner.
Dell charges $175 for each of these certs and there's like over 50 you can get. These people are giving away money!

Here's what a WO looks like