Hello everyone,

I've been using BackTrack for about a week now and still can't connect to my wireless network.

I suspect that the source of "evil" is Intel 3945 card. When I first used BT2 it didn't even see the wlan0 so today I've finally downloaded BT3, and I was so happy when I saw wlan0 on the iwconfig list
But that didn't last for long, after I enabled the interface using ifconfig I attempted to connect to my wireless network using the WiFi Assistant program. The program detected my network but failed to acquire an address using the DHCP (Something that I've been doing from Windblows Vista for the past month).

I attempted some of the following things in order to try and solve this issue, but nothing seems to work:
- Increasing the DHCP timeout in the WifiAssistant program.
- Using the dhcpcd command.
- My wireless network is defined with WPA, so I tried both with WPA and then reconfigured the network to be completely open and still nothing!
- I attempted to do the entire manaully using the iwconfig, wpa_supplicant...

It seems like everything I try just doesn't work.

I'm using BT3 (beta, with all the bugs ) liveCD.
HP Pavilion 6790.
Wireless interface: Intel Centrino 3945.

Thank you so much for your help.