Has anybody tested LinuxOnIce with BT3?

From the webpage:

TuxOnIce is most easily described as the Linux equivalent of Windows' hibernate functionality. It saves the contents of memory to disk and powers down. When the computer is started up again, it reloads the contents and the user can continue from where they left off. No documents need to be reloaded or applications reopened and the process is much faster than a normal shutdown and start up.

Software Suspend's features include:

* Image compression (LZF - very fast and highly recommended).
* Full asynchronous I/O and readahead for synchronous I/O for maximum throughput.
* Multithreaded compression & I/O.
* Support for any number of swap partitions and/or files.
* The ability to cancel a suspend cycle (during suspending) by pressing escape.
* The ability to specify a maximum image size.
* Support for saving a full image of your memory, resulting in a fast, responsive system after resuming.
* Support for plugins: data transformers (compression, encryption) and new storage backends (NFS support is planned).
* Works out of the box for most configurations.
* Nice user interface (GenSplash compatible).
* Support for Highmem (up to 4GB), SMP and preemptive kernels.
* Scripting support.
* Speed and reliability - Software Suspend has been extensively tested in a variety of configurations over many months. It is not guaranteed to be perfect, but bugs found will be hunted and fixed quickly.
* Can be configured to be a drop-in replacement for swsusp (for swap partitions - swap files are configured more simply with TuxOnIce).
* Preliminary FUSE support.
* (Work in progress Cluster support.
Or is a similar feature I've missed already included in BT?