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Thread: Installing Backtrack USB W/ Windows

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    Default Installing Backtrack USB W/ Windows

    I've just downloaded the torrent containing the bt3b141207.rar file.

    All went good and well as I copied the /boot and /BT3 files onto
    my Apacer Handy Steno AH320. I ran the bootinst batch file as
    instructed and the partitions were created sucessfully.

    My BIOS System on my Dell L400 was version A04 till I updated
    to A08. That too went well. But trying to boot from the Apacer
    by editing telling the BIOS to boot from All Removable Devices
    remains unsucessful. This is annoying.

    Can someone suggest a solution to this problem.

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    You haven't setup the boot loader for it. Try looking for installing lilo or grub onto usb drives.

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