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Thread: need help with netgear wt111

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    Default need help with netgear wt111


    i am using BT3 with VMWare and have buyed Netgear WT111 V3 USB Stick.

    How can install this stick?

    Will test for crack WEP.
    For this many tutorials on youtube, but cant use when Netgear usb stick is not installed and working

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    First, it would be a lot better if you did actually tried to correct your typo. I believe you are talking about WG111 V3? There's been rumors saying that it contains Realtek RTL8187B. So that leaves you good and bad sides.

    The good side is although this chipset is relatively new (funnily enough its even newer than RTL8187L) there will be some performance benefits I bet in the future once the driver has been properly done.

    The bad side is that its not included in any BT releases the driver.. You will need compat-wireless package and you may also need to patch mac80211 once you get it all installed. Which means that you are pretty much stuck with the use of vmware or something like that to get the installation and stuff going. It won't be easy but its doable if you read the docs/howtos.

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