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Thread: Problems on install.

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    Default Problems on install.

    Hey guys im trying to do a dual boot with vista 64 on raid 0 array running a 4870 x2 gpu. I have heard word of mouth that linux has problem running on dual core gpus. Anyways when im trying to install or run a live session i just get a message that says, " We cannot continue, this should not happen. Please restart computer" I am a complete noob to linux and slax/bt intrigues me so i would love to learn these os's. Thanks guys

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    this one might be alittle mean, but i need more info and haven't finished my coffee so i'm gonna do it google search for "4870x2 gpu + linux" returned many results of which i gained the knowledge of catalyst ( it's like the second one down) google search "catalyst + linux drivers" and there boom chaka boom
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