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Thread: BT3 liveCD - all fine probs after HDD install

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    Default BT3 liveCD - all fine probs after HDD install

    Hi, I have a weird problem. when I start BT3 from live CD on my TPx31 everything works. All hardware is identified and ready to use. My network cards are correctly displayed when calling iwconfig or ifconfig.

    I then made a HDD install using this guide:

    All went well, it boots fine but after booting, neither my wifi nor my ethernet card are detected. iwconfig and ifconfig show nothing.

    Does anyone have any idea what might be the cause of this?

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    You probably just need to load the kernel modules but due to the complete lack of information you gave (i.e. Card and chip set) I cannot give you the proper commands to do so.

    Normally the ethernet interface can be loaded like this....
    rmmod e100
    modprobe e100
    ifconfig eth0 up

    As to your wireless card it would be the same way with whatever its module is called. My tinfoil ESP hat seems to be broken but for example if you had a atheros based card the module is called ath_pci

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