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    Default not sure how to do this...

    Ok not sure how to do this but I was wondering since BT3 is a live distro and personally I dont feel like dealing with the persistant changes or installing as a full install to my system I was wondering how I can be on BT3 running as a live CD and then update my system with the updates and then recreate the ISO/image so I can have it with the updated files and addons I want it to always load up with. I am asking cause I plan on getting ride of KDE like Purehate did on his "Pimp my eeepc" thread but I want to also ad xfce. I found how to make a lmz but want to know how to make the entire system back into lmz's after I have updated the files and added my own personal settings and addons. this way I can either just drop the CD into a system or plug my thumb drive in and be up and running with out having to do much else. With thumb drive I could do persistant changes but dont seem as smooth with CD.

    Any advice would be helpfull.
    No need to spoon feed me the how too just where this information can be located please.

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    Use a USB stick instead of the CD. Then you can save the changes.
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