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Thread: did this change?? (i mean its my responsibility to know, so im asking)

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    Default did this change?? (i mean its my responsibility to know, so im asking)

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    because my posts are disappearing. - just wondering..

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    When the first thread was deleted a very detailed explanation was given in a private message, yet a second thread appeared some hours later where a somewhat less verbose explanation was given which also pointed to the first private message for further clarification.

    As this thread has now been posted, it would appear that further clarification is required.

    The promotion of your own "security distro" within this forum has for a very long time been considered something that would be against certain moral principals. Although never put within the forum rules in "black and white" this was always thought of as a "rule" that common decency and respect for the creators of BackTrack, this forum and their other interests would "self enforce".

    Let me give you an example

    Apple decides to go to Microsoft's forum and start a thread telling people to try their (Apple's) new operating system.

    From the deleted threads and this one, it would seem that:
    It is fine for Apple to do that.
    Microsoft should leave the thread where it is and be fine and dandy about it.

    If Microsoft hadn't expressly forbid it within their rules:
    Apple should expect it to be ok.
    Apple should repost the thread after it had been deleted and ignore the polite private messages they were sent.
    Then Apple should then post about it, citing that there was nothing in the rules against it.

    I think I have now made the situation clear and feel that I shouldn't have the need to comment further on it.

    Thank you.

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