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Thread: Asus Eee Pc 100h W-Lan?

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    Default Asus Eee Pc 100h W-Lan?

    Hello, I want on my Netbook Asus 1000 BackTrack with W-LAN to get running.
    Unfortunately, the drivers for me somehow.
    When I enter iwconfig comes
    no wireless extensions .
    What can I do?
    Where I warring drivers + instructions come from?

    Sorry for the bad English!


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    I don't know which chipset your card uses:

    Find out what chipset your wireless card uses, then check to see if it's supported in the HCL list on the wiki.

    If it is not already supported, you'll have to look for Linux drivers for it and install them, make a module, whatever you like - possibly patching for injection, etc.

    If no Linux drivers are available you can try and use ndiswrapper, but that will only give you basic connectivity - i.e. no injection capabilities, etc.

    Good luck


    Here you go - it *appears* to use the Ralink RT2700E chipset which is not well supported for injection, etc, afaik.
    **this may be incorrect, I am only going by a quick google search**
    Maybe buy a nice USB solution like the Alfa?

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    Sorry to revive an old thread, but I have been searching, and I cant find anything else on the rt2700E chipset, has anything new happened with this chipset, or is it just a hardware issue, that makes injection not possible? oh yeah, //: Hello World

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