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Thread: Cannot conect ... to internet

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    Question Cannot conect ... to internet

    Hello, This is my first post !!!, I think this forum is great, too many cool ppl around...

    Well I just got one problem... its a stupid thing but cant figure out why happends...

    Im using BT3 and my wireless card is a intel.... 3945 , so to use it I load the ipwraw, then i can see the networks and everything... so what I want now is to connect to my router that has a WEP key, so i try something like this..

    iwconfig wifi0 essid <mynetwork essid> enc <mykey>

    and it says:
    ERROR (8B1A)
    operation not supported...

    Surfing a little over the big universe of google I found that maybe is about that with ipwraw set the card in monitor mode, so when i tried something like this....

    iwconfig wifi0 mode managed essid <mynetwork essid> enc <mykey>


    so.... any help on how can I connect to internet with this card ?


    PD. Sorry about the bad grammar English is not my native language but I like it a lot.

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    You are on the right way , the ipwraw drivers will bring your wireless card into monitor mode , and therefore you cannot gain internet access.

    To get your wireless card to surf the net aso you have to load the iwl3945 drivers.

    If you want your card to sniff the air, type: modprobe -r iwl3945 && modprobe ipwraw

    If you want to surf the net, type: modprobe -r ipwraw && modprobe iwl3945

    Then follow one of the great tutorials (i.e by xploitz) how to connect your wlan card to an WAP with different encryptions.
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    Thx !!! It has been so usefull now im learning about ettercap ...

    U rule thx a lot !!!

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