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Thread: Trouble with a Proxy

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    Unhappy Trouble with a Proxy


    I have a query, over a possibly quite simple problem! ... it is as follows:

    Im running BT3 behind a school proxy and need to use some of the tools. I am a client on the proxy and am having trouble configuring the/my proxy details into my computer and would very much appreciate some advice. It seems that I can easily use firefox by changing the details in edit>preferences..etc (hence why i am posting) but cannot use any of the tools on the Konsole through the network...
    ...any suggestions?

    Now, before you reply with the question (and quite rightly so!) "And Why would you be needing to use these tools on this network? - You know that doesnt sound strictly legal does it son?"
    My IT prof is one hell of a crazy linux buff and feels that it is required of us to know a little about the things he does with his stuff on the side of the course, plus he believes, help him on making the network more secure and prone from attacks. He runs the network and has set us up each with bootable USB Sticks and given us 'assignments'.
    I am not alone, there are only a few of us in our class and all are suffering from the same problem and my prof isnt giving us any hints...

    Iv had some/little experience using Linux before but have no idea how to get over this single problem.. frustrating!

    I have looked all over the net for a tutorial or something for this and hav not got anywhere!

    Please may you give me some suggestions!
    I am thankful for any input,

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    I'll be honest with you, we've pretty much heard it all however I will approve this post anyway. It seems to me that if this is a assignment then maybe figuring this part out should be part of it. I understand where you are at though because I am in school as well. Trouble is no one here really knows for sure because people have a tendency to misrepresent themselves on the inturnet. Shocking I know but true

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    I have the same problem :-s
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