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Thread: Is 2.4Ghz Treated Different Than 5Ghz?

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    Question Is 2.4Ghz Treated Different Than 5Ghz?

    I was looking at the course syllabus for the BT "WiFu" course:
    "BackTrack WiFu" is a course designed for
    penetration testers and security enthusiasts who need to learn to implement various active and passive
    Wireless (802.11 2.4 GHz) attacks.
    ...and I was curious why it only mentions the 2.4Ghz band? Is 802.11a on the 5Ghz band treated differently in terms of attacks? I believe everything is identical with "a" and "g" except the actual frequency. And anyway the PHY (layer 1) shouldn't really matter since the cracking stuff (injection, packet capture) is done on the MAC (layer 2) or network (layer 3), right?

    ...or does the WiFu course focus on the 2.4Ghz band simply because that's more common and more equipment available?
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    The place to ask offensive-security related questions is in their IRC channel. Its set up on the freenode network @ and the name of the channel is #offsec. Ziplock or loganWHD can answer any questions you may have on course material.

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