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Thread: Asus Eee PC + BT3 Final - Quickstart guide

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    Post Asus Eee PC + BT3 Final - Quickstart guide

    After rolling around for a while on my SD-booted BT3 installation without persistant changes, I'm pretty decent at the BT3 + Eee PC quickstart. Here are my notes for getting Karma and Airsnarf up and running once you've got BT3 booting from an SD or USB device.


    # Karma: directions: (1) select Karma from menu,
    # (2) apply three fixes, (3) put the card into monitor mode
    # and (4) run the scripts

    # fix 1: fix bad udev
    sudo nano ./modules/servers/AccessPoint.module.xml
    # fix all the paths for iwpriv, ifconfig etc.
    # get rid of /usr/ in /usr/bin/udev
    # ctrl-x to exit, type "y" and save with given write path

    # fix 2: fix Asus Eee bind error
    sudo nano ./bin/karma
    # add sleep(2) before the end of the
    # function that says "#run modules now"
    # ctrl-x to exit, type "y" and save with given write path

    # fix 3: fix HttpServers module
    sudo nano ./modules/servers/HttpServer/module.xml
    # change line that starts "redirect = @mod.options['redirect']"
    # replace with multi-line (no quotes):
    # "redirect = @mod.options['redirect']
    # if redirect.nil?
    # redirect="/controller/"
    # end"

    # set monitor mode or master mode
    # master mode is for fake AP; monitor mode is used in discovery
    # don't worry about running ./bin/
    wlanconfig ath0 destroy
    wlanconfig ath0 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode ap
    # (monitor: wlanconfig ath0 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode monitor)

    # if you use the run command with the interface attached,
    # you shouldn't have to modify the xml files
    # type sudo nano ./etc/karma.xml to change that
    # and the SSID of the fake AP
    ./bin/karma ./etc/karma.xml ath0
    # scan: ./bin/karma ./etc/karma-scan.xml ath0


    # Airsnarf directions: (1) select Airsnarf from BT menu, (2) clean house,
    # (3) set rogue interface; (4) create rogue interface,
    # (5) create monitor interface, and (6) run Airsnarf

    sudo kwrite ./cfg/airsnarf.cfg
    # set ROGUE INTERFACE = ath1
    # (or the correct interface)

    # if anything is up, use "wlanconfig athX destroy"
    wlanconfig ath0 destroy

    wlanconfig ath1 wlandev wifi0 wlanmode ap
    # it should confirm with "ath1"

    wlanconfig ath0 wlandev wifi0 wlanmode monitor
    # it should confirm with "ath0"

    # run Airsnarf

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    Shouldn't this be in Tutorials & Guides or Howtos?
    I'm a compulsive post editor, you might wanna wait until my post has been online for 5-10 mins before quoting it as it will likely change.

    I know I seem harsh in some of my replies. SORRY! But if you're doing something illegal or posting something that seems to be obvious BS I'm going to call you on it.

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    Please feel free to move it around to wherever it will do the most good. Thanks

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    I have tried for months to get both airsnarf and karma to run on eeepc without success with a lot of much appreciated help. Spotted your guide on airsnarf and thought just what I am looking for, still no success. I have eeepc with BT3 on sd card.

    1 Do you have to create both ath0 & ath1?

    2 Should your instruction read wlanconfig ath1 create wlanmode etc

    3 airsnarf tells me there's already a DHCP server running

    4 message httpd: Could not reliably determine the servers fully qualified domain name using

    5 Setting up listening sockets for for

    6 Creating TCP socket for - done

    7 Creating UDP socket for - done

    8 Waiting for connections.

    should items 5 - 7 have a valid ip address?

    Will try your karma guide another time. Any ideas as what I am doing wrong with air snarf?
    many thanks

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