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Thread: [Share] hFiled Wi-fire kernel module (binary) +rfmon +inject for bt3

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    Default [Share] hFiled Wi-fire kernel module (binary) +rfmon +inject for bt3

    Well, this is my first post on remote-exploit, so I hope I will be helpful from begining

    I would like to share module for bt3 beta (should work in final later also)
    I noticed that Wi-Fire device & vendor ID isn't included in driver, so I added it & compiled it.
    just replace /lib/modules/
    with this one

    File wasn't tampered in any other way, it's patched by aircrack patch.

    I added binary file just because it's easier for newbs to just replace one file.

    don't forget to plug wi-fire in and in terminal type:
    modprobe zd1211rw
    then you should see the intercace in ifconfig

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    Any chance you could upload this again? I have tried everything and cannot get my wi-fire to work with BT3.

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