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Thread: C++ on BT3?

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    Default C++ on BT3?

    This is probably a stupid question, so I'm sorry for being terrible at everything, but Backtrack 3 supports C++, right? Isn't one of Linux's high-points is the coding that can be done on it. If so, this would mean that you can run executables on it?

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    Backtrack might have g++ tools (c++ compiler for linux).

    Backtrack isn't exactly a standard linux distribution, it has stuff packed specifically for security related tools and may not have whatever you need available. A simple solution to that is to download and install the extras you need.

    Yes you can run executables but this is where it gets ambiguous:

    Linux compiled executables (named as binaries) usually have specific modes such as rwxr-xr-x and if you wanted to execute them, you can either add them into $PATH variable if they are not in there or to use ./foo. Unlike windows counterparts, linux does not have extensions to specify if it is an executable or not, for example if you do file `which bash` you will know what I mean.

    Windows compiled executables are different on the other hand. They use different packages and are specifically tailored to that platform. If you want to use them on linux you will need something like wine or better yet, get vmware and run windows under vmware.

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