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Thread: Airpwn: how to create new image?

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    Default Airpwn: how to create new image?

    I tryed to create new img for airpwn, similar to airpwned_img sample conf, but my images are too big, i resized more time this, also at 120x120px
    but i get this error message anytime i would inject:

    Matched pattern for conf 'my_img'
    Unable to transmit packet.tx80211_txpacket: Message too long
    wrote 90 bytes to the wire(less)
    wrote 72 bytes to the wire(less)
    [10:18:33] injecting data for conf 'my_img'

    ps. the packet wrote could change, but doesn't work.

    any ideas?

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    you could try decreasing the quality / changing format in the Gimp, to get the file smaller?
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