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Thread: BT boot problem

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    Exclamation BT boot problem

    Im having boot problem, i'll provide some pictures so that u see what is happening here, i need some comment on this & its solution,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vpoint7 View Post
    Using rapidshare to upload images, why not an image host instead to make it easier to access the files? Simply writing out the errors in your post would of course be the appropriate way to give us the information instead of being lazy and using photos of your computer.
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    -=Tron=- is correct. The chances of me or anyone else with half a brain downloading those pictures to our PC's and opening them are slim to none.

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    Hm, ok then, this is what i see when i use bootable cd from hakin9 magazine, i need some comment on this & its solution,

    On the way to boot the cd...

    *starting Linux Live scripts
    *mounting /proc and /sys filesystems
    *creating /dev entries for block devices
    *starting loop device support
    *starting cdrom filesystem support
    *starting squashfs support
    *starting aufs support
    *starting vfat support
    *starting ntfs support
    *setup directory for changes
    *setup union directory (using aufs)
    *looking for data directory
    *starting USB support...
    Fatal error occured - LiveData not found. Searching for BT directory.
    You are maybe using an unsupported boot device (eg. SCSI or PCMCIA CD-ROM)
    Try to copy the directory BT from CD/USB to your IDE/SATA harddisk,
    for example to /mnt/sda1/ in Linux or C:\ in Windos. Then boot again
    *Something went wrong and we cant continue. This should never happen.
    *Please reboot your computer with CTRL+ALT+DEL ...
    / #

    I just bought this laptop, the specification for this laptop :
    OS : Vista Home Premium
    CPU : Duo T5750
    HDD : 250GB
    Memory : 2GB
    Laptop : F80Sseries (Asus)

    U may download the picture for better understanding such previous thread.

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    Did you get your CD from here?
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    Nope, i never download any source of backtrack from the internet, i get those cd from the hakin9 magazines. For most all of the backtrack cd from that magazine can be boot with other laptop or dekstop pc that i use before, maybe the latest version of laptop (Asus) might give such problem.

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    Default ASUS temprementality

    Another ASUS user, i have A7Jc Linux bt i686 HD install, Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2400 @ 1.83GHz,100 gb HDD and it really makes ya learn cause nothing seems to work as easily or as smoothly as other people report it does, means ya gotta work a lot out for ya self.

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