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    Default Dictionary Issue

    Hi all, Im was trying out a wpa cracking tutorial when i ran in to a problem.
    aircrack failed to open the dictionary, no such file or directory ( please specify a dictionary option -w). Im using backtrack 3 on a usb stick. I gather that the dictionary is located in Backtracks directory some where i just haven't a bog where to look, i may as well be lookin in to a feild lads. anyway the command i got stuck on was..

    (aircrack-ng -w password.lst -b <bssid> filename.cap)

    so if i was to type in the right location from the usb what would it look like.
    thanks a mill.

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    Default Dictionary

    I am a newbie as well. I have figured out how to crack WEP and WPA. I don't think BT3 has a dictionary, at least I haven't been using any from there.

    good luck...

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    You'll need to supply your own dictionary file. I uploaded a special WPA list a few months ago if you would like a starter list. Its about 64 million words.

    Pureh@tes wpa list

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