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Thread: HDD Installation update

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    Default HDD Installation update

    Hi there,

    I have a dualboot setuo with Win XP And backtrack 2. How can I update this installation to BT 3 Final? Can i just copy the new folders to my HD??

    Best Regards, benjamin

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    Default I to need help updating BT2 to BT3 on dual boot

    Hi iv been trying to find how i can update a HDD dual install of XP and BT2 to the new BT3. Is this possible or do i have to format the current installations and start again any help would be appreciated but as no one has answered before im worried its not possible. Im sorry if this has been answered but iv searched for hours to try and find some info but no one else seems to have had this issue so thought this would be the best place to post.
    Thanks for any help and await a reply.

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