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Thread: collect raw packets and have wireless access too

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    Default collect raw packets and have wireless access too

    While I was trying to get some raw 802.11 packets with wireshark and while searching, I found that is possible with ipw3945 to use the wireless interface normally and at the same time capture the raw traffic passing through it. I have tried some combinations with the commands "rtap_iface=1" and "ifconfig rtap0 up" as someone was suggesting but I couldn't make it work.
    Is this possible for sure and if yes how?.
    Sorry if i am asking something silly I am new with this.
    Thank you.

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    yes it is not difficult at least for my atheros card i can just use the that comes with airpwn in backtrack and it will create a new interface in my case ath1 in monitor mode then i can still use ath0 to connect to my wireless AP. So i can sniff on one and connect on the other.

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    hey lefteris

    I'm a noob at this, too, but using the same card as you and I think it's impossible: to use the normal wireless we load the iwl3945 driver using modprobe and to monitor&inject we use the ipwraw driver. There's no way to use both and do both operations at once. We can't use madwifi drivers unfortunately.

    If you ever get it to work or I'm wrong, please let me know!

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