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Thread: Ettercap usage over wireless network

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    Default Ettercap usage over wireless network

    I know this question has probably been asked a lot of times, and I've seen that they weren't asnwered =/ but anyway here's my situation.

    I watched videos on youtube of how to use ettercap and stuff and also yeehaw's sniffing tutorial of how to enable SSL dissection. I followed both word for word. But i realize that ettercap doesn't capture any passwords over my wireless network -- i tried logging in myspace and yahoo but niether were captured =/ I tried looking this problem up on ettercap forums but it said sumthing like ettercap doesn't work when the network card is in monitor mode or sumthing =/

    Im using BT2 final and ipw3945 card =/

    any ideas any1?

    ps: yea i enable ARP poisoning

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    You have to be connected to the network with an IP for ettercap to work. Read up on ARP poisoning and you will have a better idea of how ettercap works.

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    as 'nder84 stated, you have to be connected to the network. Also, DHCP has to be enabled on the wireless router (in other words, you should get a 192.168 or other private address) This enables you to "impersonate" the default gateway.
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    Double check your hosts after scanning. make sure you set the gateway for target 1 and the victim(s) for target two that should disambiguate any problems after turning sniffing on.
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    doublecheck with etherreal or wireshark to make sure that this is a ettercap issue or not

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    Default this worked for me

    go to your etter.conf and uncomment the 2 lines under "if you use iptables".
    this video shows how *
    I hope this helps, at least this worked for me.

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