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Thread: airmon-ng with --gpsd

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    Default airmon-ng with --gpsd

    Hello !

    I use an external GPS USB Mouse with gpsd -p /dev/ttyUSB0 and kismet correctly find this device.

    When i use airodump-ng --write test --gpsd i can see gps coordinates in airodump and it wrotes an test-01.gps file. So i think anything is ok ...

    but now, when i "close" (ctrl+c) airodump-ng, the *.gps file is vanished?
    the other two files are there but i dunno know where my gps file is?

    i think my problem is simply but could some give me the point what i do wrong?

    thanks in advance

    my airocrack suite is from cvs and the version is 1.0 beta2 r1007



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    Quote Originally Posted by pascal View Post
    Hello !

    Hi. Try copying and saving the .gps file in a different location before closing airodump-ng.
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