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Thread: BackTrack Crashes With VMware

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    Default BackTrack Crashes With VMware

    Im having BIG troubles getting this to work
    i searched all day here but i didnt found anything
    when i press enter at the boot prompt the system hangs
    even when i start the virtual machine after ten secs it
    hangs here is the screen i get every single time
    @h t t p ://
    my specs are these:

    windows xp - OS
    asus 2900xt REALLY UNSTABLE
    quad core intel

    i tried bot bt2 and bt3 the md5 checksums are identical as the ones
    you provive and thats all i think any help appreciated..

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    I had a little difficulty both seeing your image and reading your post.

    But, there are many threads on this forum on the successful use of VM and BT2 or BT3. I have used all three successfully as well.

    Good luck and have fun.


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    Are you talking about a Live install in VMWare or a LiveCD booting up in VMWare? If your LiveCD boots up fine in VM (as it should) then I suspect your problems are how you performed the Live install.

    I have Virtual Machines of both BT2 and BT3 in my VMWare. When I first started, getting it loaded as a Live install was a little difficult (and confusing) since I was not that proficient in Linux.

    I use this tutorial:

    It worked for both VM5 and VM6.

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