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Thread: Password not working after I edited my lilo.conf

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    Default Password not working after I edited my lilo.conf

    I recently changed the backtrack section in my lilo.conf to read-only because on boot it was complaining about it being read-write.

    But now when I boot BT3 my old username is password is not working.
    The default 'root' 'toor' is not working either.

    Has anyone ran into this problem? I am not able to get to a command prompt because I am stuck at the login screen. The lilo.conf change was the only change I made on my system before this problem occurred.

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    i havent had this problem exactly, but when i boot into backtrack with lilo it does say that it is read write and to change it or hit enter i just hit enter (what gould would it be if it was read only) as far as the password goes im not sure if it will work on yours but it worked on mine, it wouldnt let me log into root or any other users but with a bout 10 failed logins it kicked me to a bash and i just typed startx then i went in and change the user and passwords again through bash the gui dont work. hope this helps

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