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Thread: hydra dont work

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    Default hydra dont work

    i try smb crack or http-get crack didnt work

    i try http-get crack but always gives message above

    Hydra v5.3 (c) 2006 by van Hauser / THC - use allowed only for legal purposes.
    [DATA] 10 tasks, 1 servers, 20 login tries (l:4/p:5), ~2 tries per task
    [DATA] attacking service http-get on port 80
    [VERBOSE] Resolving addresses ... done
    [STATUS] attack finished for (waiting for childs to finish)

    i try smb crack

    it always give me first pass and user in the pass.list and user.list

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    Like i just told you in another thread, you are going to have to provide a lot more information if anyone is even going to have a chance at guessing what you are doing or where the problem is.

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