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Thread: abit AirPace PCI Express Wireless Adapter compatible or not?

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    Default abit AirPace PCI Express Wireless Adapter compatible or not?

    i just bought "abit AirPace Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g, Wi-Fi compliant PCI Express Wireless Adapter"

    is it comparable or not, i can't determine what chipset it has, someone indicated it is Atheros AR5007/EG chipset. can some one confirm that or give me a link. i will use what ever wep/wap hacking tools or windows its comparable with. drivers name will also be needed. this is the original MUF. website with drivers:

    can't post it due to limit access!

    i use windows, linux, back- track and others OS, i want to know if it's compatible with any wep/wap hacking tools

    please reply, even with little info or links. even if it's not confirmed, i tried google with no luck. have a marry x-max!

    Edit: one of the users on this web page indicated that the Madwifi drivers are not working, well checkout the page spankdidly recommended! thnx

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