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Thread: Need Help Netgear WPN311

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    Question Need Help Netgear WPN311


    I need help Netgear WPN311 get it in to monitor mode and what program should i use when it is working such as aircrack or winpcap

    I really do not want to use back track 2.0 i am a noob and i dont want to wipe my harddrive. If there is any way to install on a cd. Back track will be a last resort. If some one has a link for noobs and back track post it up. i am running xp sp2. i only know basic computer stuff i dont really want to much around with backtrack

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    Backtrack is a live cd which can be loaded at boot time in order to create a OS independent from the OS on your hard drive.

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    Why would you need to wipe your HD??? is it 10Gig??

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