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Thread: ORiNOCO 8470 or 8471?

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    Default ORiNOCO 8470 or 8471?

    Hi, I have been looking around and see that the 8471 is about $30 cheaper and they bother have the atheros chipset?

    Has anyone tried both cards or just the 8471? is it worth paying the extra for the 8470?


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    Hi m8 i personally use the 8470 and think its great. I have used other types ie usb and onboard but still always come back to the good old 8470 pcmcia because it is easier for me to use. The only difference between them (I think i read somewhere ) is the maximum wep encryption modes 128-bit for silver and 152-bit for gold but if i was you i would get that check out

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