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Thread: Multiboot XP/Suse - Backtrack installation

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    Default Multiboot XP/Suse - Backtrack installation

    Hi folks,

    i've tried around two days now, but i'm stuck! I've got a running WinXP and openSUSE 10.3 at my laptop, with the GRUB coming with openSUSE. Windows and Suse run perfectly, but i want to add Backtrack2 to my laptop. I installed it from the live-CD via the installation tool. That worked, too. But i can't get it booting from harddisk. I've tried various configurations I found in the Internet, but none of them worked. It says "file not found"

    Windows is on sda1, backtrack will be sda2+3, suse is sda4+5

    can somebody help me with this matter?


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    Can you post your GRUB config?

    dd if=/dev/urandom of=/mybrain

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