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    Default installing issues

    hi im currently running win 7 ultimate 64bit. i downloaded back-track ver. 4 torrent iso, burned it onto a dvd, and ran it. everything loaded up correctly, i click on
    i get to the 4th tab where your configuring the partition. i go to edit so i can dual boot win and bt. my hdd is 300gb, i have approx. 35gigs used on win, so i parted bt for 40gigs. i clicked forward and it poped up saying this may take a long time so i clicked ok. i waited about 5 mins and it was still at 0pct. then a screen poped up saying:

    (EE) config/hal: NewInputDeviceRequest failed
    (EE) Grab failed. Device already configured?
    (EE) PreInit returned NULL for. . .
    "Video Bus" "Logitech USB Receiver" "Macintosh Mouse Button Emulation"
    "AT Translated Set 2 Keyboard"
    Broadcast Message From root@bt
    (unknown) at 4:45 ...
    The system is going down for power off NOW!
    acpid: exiting

    Please remove the disk and close the tray (is any) then press ENTER:

    so i removed the disk pressed enter and my comp. turned off.
    im guessing this message has something to do with my hardware?
    compatibility issues? if not, does anyone know why i get this screen? ive re-downloaded bt, burned it onto a disk and same thing. also have tryed to install useing usb and still same thing. any suggestions?

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    Default Re: installing issues

    try using a different kbd/mouse combo during the installation, perhaps that will get you past this. after install (assuming successful) try to reconnect your original hardware and see if you can function correctly.

    also, while there is no solution here, try reading this post to get an idea as to what is happening here: USB Mouse fails with any 2.6.26 kernels -

    just a thought. good luck with that....
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    Default Re: installing issues

    I'm having install issues with BT4 final to my laptop. I will try to give as much info but if there is something lacking just ask and I will try to add it later.

    First of all I'm very new to all of this and just wanted to learn more about it so I jumped in head first.

    When I first booted with Bt 4 final on my Sony viao pcg-grt270p all seems to load up fine and I get into the various selections. No matter which on I select as it starts to mount the software I get ms-apic error. After some thought I figured it was my machine compatabilty so I then tried BT 3 and this works fine no errors. I know there is no support for BT 3 so that is why I read the forums and found as the cd loads up and the various options appear hit the tab key then cursor to the option you want then hit "e" to edit the string with (space) noapic. Hit enter key then "b" to start the booting process. I have followed these steps and now they boot fine on my laptop. The issue I'm having now is I have since did a HDD install of BT 4 final and every time startup my laptop I get the same MS-APIC and then it stalls out. I just need to know how to boot with the CD and edit my HDD startup to include (space) noapic.

    thanks in advance
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