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Thread: Backup IVs ??!!

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    Question Backup IVs ??!!

    Hi everyone
    I have a problem need help ....
    I used BT4 to crack wep (wifi). I captured some Data but it's not enough. I want backup IVs to can continue use it tomorrow (to not have to search again). But I do not know how.
    I need people to help. Thanks a lot
    P/s: Sorry, i speak English very bad

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    Default Re: Backup IVs ??!!

    So step by step:
    1. Crack wep key.
    2. take key convert to ascii
    3. insert key in wireless connection app or commands.
    4. Save key either on disk, paper, head or other place.
    5. Re-use key next time key is needed.
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    Default Re: Backup IVs ??!!

    I want backup IVs to can continue use it tomorrow (to not have to search again).
    oh so you want to run airodump-ng to collect iv's then save them and start again the next day and add them together?
    so as an example
    airmon-ng --bssid 11:22:33:44:55:66 -w day1 --output-format pcap mon0
    airmon-ng --bssid 11:22:33:44:55:66 -w day2 --output-format pcap mon0
    and then just
    cat day1 day2  > combo
    where combo is the combination of both days iv's
    with linux you can merge files quite easily with cat

    this will save all files in root
    you may have to change it up if you are using a usb but it's still possible, i don't mess with wep its too overdone, but if you are close enough to the ap, and there's traffic on it there's no reason not to have 10,000 ivs in 10 minutes or less and most 64 bit weps can be cracked at 5000 ivs especially with ptw and 10k to 20k for 128 bit. experiment with the options for aireplay-ng
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