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Thread: wusb600n rt2870 v1 and backtrack 4 final

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    Default wusb600n rt2870 v1 and backtrack 4 final

    My google-fu isn't enough to get this done. I have read through various threads here and on the aircrack-ng forum trying to get this to work but I am falling short. I thought that one of the threads mentioned that this adapter works "out of the box" but all I can get out of it is monitor mode.Sorry I got a bit frustrated and sudo shutdown -h now seemed the only way to save my sanity so I am working a bit from memory

    The interface shows as ra0

    lsmod gives rt2800sta as loaded

    airmon-ng start ra0 sometimes gives rt2500? started in monitor mode. Sometimes there is a blank where the interface? No doubt some of this is me desperately trying to take the interface up and down trying to make it work.

    airodump-ng ra0 acts oddly in that I can see channel hopping but only seems to give proper info for channel 1. I can use wicd to connect to the ap in the channel I want say channel 6 and then I get proper info for that channel(wicd seems to force it to the channel the ap is on).

    aireplay-ng -1 0 -a xt:ar:ge:tx -h 00:11:22:33:44:55 -e target ra0
    gives no success

    Is compat-wireless required for injection or should this just work with bt4? I saw the jano thread but I wondered if it was prefinal?

    If somebody could throw me a bone on this one that would be great.I have been a linux user since edgy eft but still remain a tutorial following fiend ... its not that I dont understand what I am doing but sometimes the getting done helps the understanding.

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    Default Re: wusb600n rt2870 v1 and backtrack 4 final

    You may try this to get the rt2870 drivers, instead of the rt2800.

    gksu gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf, and add, blacklist rt2800sta, then it should use the the RT2870STA driver. Hope it helps.
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    Default Re: wusb600n rt2870 v1 and backtrack 4 final

    I wondered if what you are suggesting would have worked.Instead I have followed this thread Please Help! With AWUS036NH RT2800 Driver Under uNetBootin USB BackTrack 4f using codethinks precompiled kernel. This was supposed to be for the AWUS036NH which I thought was a different ralink chipset but they seem to be using the same group of drivers. I dont know, part of the process was simply blacklisting the 2870sta drivers so maybe that did it. Any how after the process monitor and injection are working. I really wished I knew what I did to get it working. Backtrack is running in a VM hosted on a ubuntu lucid box.

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    Default Re: wusb600n rt2870 v1 and backtrack 4 final

    If you check the hardware compatibility forums I just posted a modified driver that I got injection to work on my install.


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