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Thread: Driver rt2500pci does not work

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    Question Driver rt2500pci does not work

    Hi there,
    I got a PCI Ralink RT2560.BT4, load the new rt2500pci that does not work well with this card.
    I need to load the old driver rt2500 that comes with bt3.I tried to blacklist the new one or compiling th old one but without success.
    Has anyone an idea about this issue.
    Thanks guys.

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    Default Re: Driver rt2500pci does not work

    Some more detail about what you tried might be helpful.
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    Default Re: Driver rt2500pci does not work

    Downloaded the rt2500_1.1.0 ( the one used in BT3 ) from sourceforge.
    Unpack and compile, following instructions on README file.
    I got errors while compiling because of kernel headers and I gave up on this way.
    I compiled ndiswrapper successfully but card was not recognized.
    I downloaded from Synaptic the rt2500-source and tried to compile with module -assistant but without success.

    I was just wondering if it's possible to use another driver included in BT4 older than the rt2500pci.


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