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Thread: does bt4 support intel wifi 1000

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    Default does bt4 support intel wifi 1000

    well i am trying to get my pass back because i forgot my wep key for my wifi and i found a tutorial and everything worked fine until i was supposed toconnect my wireless card on removebal devices in vmplayer, i couldent find it there the only thing i saw was my web cam. the the card works for everything else that i use but not this please help

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    Default Re: does bt4 support intel wifi 1000

    Let me go ahead and stop your stupidity from becoming worse.
    If you forgot your wep key then you will need to either access the admin page of the router and change it or you will need to reset the router.
    If you can't do this then you are probably messing with someone else's network, in which case you are doing something we do not condone.

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