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Thread: rdesktop replacement?

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    It appears that rdesktop is a bit old, and somewhat buggy. On one of the networks i manage rdesktop (through tsclient and directly) constantly hangs and gets booted only when connecting to 2k3r2 servers running on XenServer. Connecting to the 2k8r2 servers, it doesnt do this, connecting from those 2k8 servers to the 2k3 machines doesnt have this issue either.

    I looked over RDP protocol changes and it looks like quite a few have occured since rdesktop was released 2 years ago. I also googled around for a replacement and havent really found anything useful. Has anyone seen this problem, any ideas what could cause it or suggestions for a replacement TS client that doesnt use rdesktop as a base?

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    Krdc is good for RDP and VNC. Check it out.

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